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Absolutely important is the time of the photo shoot. Can not tell this enough: 5 – 10 days of the newborns life is our timerange to do the best picture we possible get from it.
Because the Newborn Baby is in the beginning to settle in his/her new environment, in his/her world. Everythins is new and strange to them. Smells, Sounds, Day/Night difference, Hospital, voice ot the mom is not transmitted over amniotic fluid, it s over the air and it sounds different. They have to get used to it in the first few days. Newborn are in the adjustment phase. There little, tiny body is still very felxible which allows us as the photographer to do kind of posing which are not possible anymore with older newborns. They love to sleep a lot and that the results are the picutres you see in my gallery. For the new parents is important, just come to my studio and I will take care of the rest. I am specialized in the field in Newborns, my photo studio is set up especially for what you need as a newborn parent, and if you forgot a diaper does not matter because I have one by my hand.
Myself have attended in special courses, as a mother of 3 kids I know that patience plays a very important role, knows how can touch a newborn and pose them correctly is very important. Security to your Newborn is also a matter of fact and every newborn will built his/her own character which I totally respect. You as parents are allowed to enjoy watching, relax, and sid back to take part of a complete new experience, especially because you have a new reason and responsibility to live your life.

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